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YES - The Absolute Beginner Course - in short the ABC, is for you if you have absolutely NO experience in dancing in high heels or dancing in general & you desire to learn it ALL before you step into one of our weekly heels classes. We totally get it and that’s why we’ve created the perfect solution for you, so you can finally feel in alignment with the confident queen (or king) that’s waiting to be set free!


This course will completely guide you through 5 weeks of attentive heels training including all the basics, essential knowledge & tools combined with wonderful support that you need in order to be able to reach your personal goal. We are here for you, and we want you to be here for you too.


... we've guided over 300 students on their dance journey! 


"In the beginning I thought I couldn't push through, but after every week I felt improvement & I am so happy that I found a new passion."

It's your time

to shine.

We’ve curated a total beginner-friendly yet effective program content for these 5 classes à 2h, which intentionally build upon one another, for your coherent learning experience and maximum expansion. Some of the topics will include: mindsetting, posture, walks, dance vocabulary, total body conditioning, heels technique, musicality, performance, essential power moves & how to execute them correctly so that it makes complete sense to you. 

Now is your time to shine!

P.S.: If you are unsure about what heels you should wear, make sure to read about it in our Heels Guide beforehand, so you are totally prepared!


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a 5 week training plan

preparation for open classes

guidance & individual feedback

personal development

safe & supportive space

basic ballet & jazz technique

posture, walks & confidence

hip articulation, hair whips & balance

musicality, freestyle & performance

beginner choreography

SATURDAYS | 15.00-17.00H | 1070 VIENNA I WORTH 249€


Any Questions?

  • I am an absolute dance beginner. Can I still take part in the Beginner Class?
    Yes, of course! Our beginner class is especially designed for people who have never danced before as well for those who already have dance experience but want to learn the right heels technique in a slow pace.
  • What am I going to learn in a Beginner Class?
    First we will warm our bodies up with a quick and intense workout. We follow with a short stretching session and focus on strengthening our ankles, legs and core. An introduction into the most essential key techniques of dancing in heels will help you to gain knowledge for your future training. In the end you will learn a fun beginner-friendly combo or choreography.
  • Is wearing high heels bad for my body?
    You may have heard that it not only can cause painful problems in your feet and ankles, but it can harm your knees, hips and spine, as well. We agree, if you don't have any technique, any muscles and any knowledge about standing, posing, walking and especially dancing in heels, it will be anything but healthy. BUT for us, the most important thing is to 1) prevent injuries by helping you build muscles and strength in your back, core, legs and fett 2) prevent risks of pain by giving you the right technique on how to use high heels properly 3) prevent any future problems by building your knowledge on how to take care of your body inside and outside of the dance studio Dancing in general (and in high heels) will definitely bring you a lot of benefits: Benefit #1: Improvement of posture & confidence Benefit #2: Improvement of muscle strength & flexibility Benefit #3: Improvement of body awareness, physical & mental well-being
  • I am a professional dancer and have experience in dancing on heels. What class should I take?
    Our intermediate class offers you the best opportunity to deepen your technical skills as well as learn a challenging yet fulfilling choreography.
  • What should I wear to class?
    Most importantly: your heels (if you are not sure which are best suited simply read our Vienna Heels Guide to get some guidance). Also bring tight clothes (like leggings, a crop top, shorts, etc.) so you can see your lines and body shape. Other essential things to bring would be: socks, a water bottle, a towel, a hair tie and knee pads.
  • I am male, gender neutral, non binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, etc. - can I join your classes?"
    Yes, of course! We aim to unite all dancers and people who are interested into dance regardless of their origin, gender, appearance, sexual orientation or dance experience. The only requirement to participate in the class is to wear high heels.
  • Is there any age restriction?
    We recommend heels classes starting from the age 16.
  • I just speak English. What language is used for teaching?
    We usually use German, but if there is anyone in the room not being able to understand German, the class will be hold in English. It's best to let us know before class if we should teach in English. Thank you!
  • What payment options do I have?
    You book and pay our classes through the mindbody app where you can use any of your bank cards or other payment methods such as apple pay.
  • What class tickets do you offer?
    We offer following single class tickets or ticket of 10s for our 60 or 90 minute weekly open classes. You can find our complete price list here.
  • When am I considered as a professional to be able to purchase a ticket with the PRO discount?
    We consider those to be professional dancers who are currently either pursuing a dance education or earning money as dancers by teaching, choreographing or performing. In order to be considered a professional, please send us proof of you working in the above mentioned fields to You will then be assigned with the 10% discount within mindbody and will be able to book your desired classes or ticket of 10 as a professional directly on the app or your mindbody account in the webbrowser.
  • How long is my ticket valid?
    1) Beginner Class: 1 week 2) Intermediate Class: 1 week 3) Ticket of 10: 6 months
  • Do you offer workshops, intensives, etc.?"
    Yes, we aim to bring international heels teachers on a regular basis to ensure the development of knowledge and to get fresh inspiration. Look out for workshop announcements on our website and social media accounts. We also offer intensives that take place for several days usually during weekends. We designed them especially for dancers who are looking for intensive and extensive training throughout the year.
  • What happens with my ticket if there is a lockdown?
    We do offer our so-called ON AIR classes which are classes taught over zoom. Your class ticket can be automatically changed into an ON AIR ticket or can be switched to a voucher which you can redeem for any of our services. If that case applies, we will contact you ASAP to give you informations about your already paid ticket.
  • How does the TRY-OUT Ticket work?
    If you have never taken one of our classes, intensives, workshops or courses before - you are eligible to make use of one Try-out ticket for our weekly classes. You can find it in the mindbody app or your mindbody account in your webbrowser.
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