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High heels dance, tanzen in Österreich, tanzen in Wien, Tanzstudio Wien, Endresstraße 18, 1230 Wien, Kendlerstraße 25, 1140 Wien, Capistrangasse 10, 1070 Wien, Tanzsport WienTanzsport, Selbstbewusstsein, feminin, Frauen, self confidence

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Because you want to do something that has been on your to-do list forever.

We're the 1st heels dance organization established in Vienna, Austria that aims to unite all dancers regardless of their origin, gender, appearance, sexual orientation or dance experience.

Our unique concept fuses high quality dance training on high heels, for beginners as well as aspiring professionals, with a great deal of women power and a loving attention to detail. We teach you how to be your own muse.

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Through Vienna Heels I got so close to my body and now view it from a whole different angle. One thing I appreciate is that you, be it in the intensives or just in a class, always connect dance to the mind and soul and I always learn something new which enriches my mind. You are one of the only few teachers who do that in Vienna.

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